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Consciousness is the key to the doors of success, love, health and wellbeing.

Winner’s Consciousness is essential to win the race of life. In order to achieve Winner’s Consciousness and Positive Thinking, we must understand that it means investing effort and hard work for a long time, the same as in achieving physical fitness.

The monthly, weekly and daily Kabbalah Workout Study is a requirement, it is necessary to develop a consciousness that can overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Understanding The Kabbalistic Calendar is a very important tool in order to control the dimension of time as part of Winner’s Consciousness – this is Kabbalah’s Consciousness, the consciousness of the Tree of Life.

My Kabbalah Workout  My Kabbalah Workout My Kabbalah Workout

72 Names

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My Kabbalah



Daily Meditations

What is Kabbalistic Meditation?


The Name of 42 Letters

Ana BeKho’aḥ


Weekly Zohar


Matot - Reading

Mas’ei -Short Video & Reading

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Weekly Zohar


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Gates in Time

Bein HaMetsarim-The Three Weeks of Judgment



Advance Meditations

Special Lecture

Health & Healing according to Kabbalah


Audio – Semiar on Live Kabbalah University Site

Special Lecture

Introduction to The History of Kabbalah and its Influence Over World’s History




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