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November 2016

“Live Kabbalah” is focusing on programs aimed at instilling hands on, experiential and spiritual, Kabbalistic values and content to the tourists’ experience of Jerusalem. As part of these ongoing efforts, we are pleased to announce that we have

A new center for LIVE KABBALAH in Jerusalem

The new location will serve local students and visitors from around the world who wish to experience a spiritual connection in the Holy City.

Currently under construction are a small synagogue / lecture room and an office. It will also be our head office from where we will organize private and group events and programs around the city of Jerusalem.

Our new home is located on a magical spot at 5 Elisha St. near Jerusalem Municipality, 177m / 580ft from the walls of the Old City, 950m / 3,100ft from The Holy of Holies, The World’s Navel. There is an inspiring view to the Northern Wall of The Old City, Mt. Olives and Mt. Scopus.

We are in the middle of a major restoration project as most of the building is from the 19th century and we are privileged to be part of restoring this historical edifice back to its original glory.

Please join us in this journey through time as we merge the old with the new and create a place for all people to reconnect to their roots and nourish and rejuvenate their souls.

Participation is open to all:

  1. Enter our DONATIONS PAGE in order to participate and follow the instructions.
  2. Enter your donation amount through paypal or your Credit Card. You can send your donation directly to our US or Israel accounts.
  3. Indicate what is the donation for, from the list below*. You can add a name in case the donation is in honor of a person or a dedicationd for a loved one.

*If the donation amount is crossed out it is because somebody has made that donation already.

For questions and instructions you may call Shaul Youdkevitch:

Israel: 052-783-1303

From the US: +720-477-6614

From the UK: +442070482871

Get yourself a piece of The Holy City of Jerusalem



The Book of Blessings & Memorials:


A Building Block


A Bronze Stone


A Copper Stone


A Silver Stone


A Golden Stone


A Diamond Stone

The Building Project:


“Live Kabbalah” Corner stone and Floor


Paving the Sukkah/ Entrance Hallway Area


Sukkah / Entrance Lobby Roof


Electricity /Lighting


Front Glass Doors & Glass Wall


East Wall


West wall Insulation


Heating System


A/C Units




Paving Synagogue/ Assembly Room


3 Hand washing stations (faucets, sinks)

The Ark:


The Wooden Ark


Inner Metal Compartment (Safe)



General Equipment:






40 Chairs @ 100$ each


Cold/Hot Filtered Water Station


Electric Projection Screen


Home Cinema Projector